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Susan Stephani, CSP

Speaker? Yes. Consultant? Yes. Trainer? Yes. Entertainer? No.
Corporate Alliance? Yes. Security Alliance? No.


Susan Stephani has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Clinical Social Work and Psychology. After working for the State of Wisconsin for 10 years placing special needs children for adoption she was laid off! Fortunately, because she loved speaking to audiences, she had started a part time speaking business. The aforementioned unfortunate incident allowed her to pursue her speaking business full time. For 20 years she has been delivering keynote speeches as well as training and consulting. She is known for her sense of humor and her ability to make points that stick with stories and examples.

Presentation Titles and Description


The Power of Rapport

Rapport is the key to motivation, being heard, overcoming resistance, being understood, selling a product or service, dealing with anger, getting along or getting a result with others and more. This program gives specific rapport skills for dealing with business and life relationships.

Meeting the Challenge of Change

This program concentrates on attitudes and skills for dealing with and accepting change. It will also present the stages of change and how to help yourself and others through them. Learning how to control, channel, and create change for a positive result is a necessary skill in today's world.

Living Life on Purpose

This motivational and educational program examines the components of a successful life and then presents steps for pro-active living.

Developing Your Creativity

Is Functional Fixation getting in the way of being more creative in your work and life? Find out what it is and how it stops you from creative living. Then, find out how to break out and look and problems and challenges more creatively.

Win/Win Customer Service

This program shows employees what is in it for them to deliver exceptional customer service (internal and external customers). It then, gives skills for dealing with all types of customers, including the difficult ones.


"I think that you would be pleased to know that my colleagues and I use YOU as a 'standard' when we discuss the quality of other speakers."
- Sheila Reed
Diversified Health Services

"You were great! Your remarks were right on target for our audience. My sales representatives were truly impressed."
- Carol A. Johnson


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels From And Travel Requirements

Typical expenses: mileage, meals. If hotel room - non-smoking

Who Should Hire Susan And Why

Susan Stephani is a proven professional. She has 20 years experience, the majority of her business is repeat and referral (about 90%), and she has earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (the CSP) from the National Speakers Association.

Susan has often been called the most popular speaker in a conference. For example: Northwestern Mutual Life, American College of Emergency Physicians, and Professional Insurance Women International.

Participants at Susan's programs learn hands on skills that can be used immediately on the job or in their lives. And, they have great time learning. Susan is known for her sense of humor and her ability to tell stories to make her points and make them stick! She enjoys audience interaction and loves the tough questions.

She has presented to predominately male audiences (One company invited her to do a series of programs for their male employees. The company told her after that their employees "loved the program and the interaction, learned from it and said so"). Susan has presented to a variety of businesses and organizations over the past 20 years. Many of these include: Healthcare, Insurance, Utilities, Advertising/Marketing, Agriculture, Industrial, and Financial.

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Favorite Quote

"Life has two pains and because we have choice, we get to pick. The first pain is called Self-Discipline. It is often painful to do the tough stuff. The second pain is called Regret. And, if you don't pick the first pain, you get the second one automatically."

-- Jim Rohn