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Ron Dentinger

Speaker? No. Consultant? No. Trainer? No. Entertainer? Yes.
Corporate Alliance? Yes. Security Alliance? No.


Over 17 years traveling coast to coast doing humor on the banquet circuit.


Ron first started collecting jokes, which led to his library of over 2000 joke books and humor books, a collection that rivals any in the country. In the early years, before going out onto the banquet circuit, Ron began to write jokes and sold them to some of the country's all-time comedy greats, including Rodney Dangerfield, Henny Youngman and Joan Rivers. Event planners should know that his comedy is clean, yet funny, and it has always been priced right.

Presentation Titles and Description


No title. A 30 minute routine of clean humor.


Now and then I also take: "A Serious Look At Humor" However, this is usually not right for an "after dinner" presentation.



Media Bytes Or Testimonials

Has been regularly quoted in The Reader's Digest and by Paul Harvey.


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels from and travel requirements:

Round-trip mileage from Dodgeville, Wisconsin when I drive, or coach airfare, plus one night lodging when I fly.

Who Should Hire Ron And Why

Associations and Corporations. Best audience is couples. Probably not right for an audience of mostly of younger people.

Ron Dentinger

Favorite Quote

"There is an attitude adjustment that takes place when people laugh. Laughter unites people. In fact I seriously recommend that someone should be planting some whoopee cushions in the Middle East."

-- Ron Dentinger