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Robert M. Stutman

Speaker? Yes. Consultant? Yes. Trainer? Yes. Entertainer? No.
Corporate Alliance? No. Security Alliance? Yes.


25 year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration; in charge of the New York Office; Drug Consultant for PBS and CBS; author of "Dead on Delivery" best selling autobiography made in to a Showtime movie; principal of the largest consulting company in the U. S. dealing with substance abuse in the workplace with 1500 clients; "New Speaker of the Year" of the Young Presidents Organization; spoken in 73 countries. Robert is also an elite member of The Four Seasons Speakers Security Alliance.


Bob Stutman has been called "one of nations heroes" by Dan Rather, but he is best known as "the most famous narc in America" (N. Y. Magazine.

Taking to the front lines of the drug wars Bob made a 25-year career as one of America's highest profile drug busters. While a DEA agent he was once so visible a Colombian cartel targeted him for assassination. Starting his law enforcement career as a street agent Bob rose to become head of the New York office, DEA's largest.

After retiring from DEA Bob formed The Stutman Group a firm that works with corporations and communities across the nation in dealing with the issue of substance abuse.

To date, Bob has worked with more than 1000 corporations and made over 2000 presentations demystifying the many misconceptions about drugs as they relate to the workplace and society. He presents practical answers that work and points out mistakes many companies make in dealing with this issue.

Bob is special consultant on substance abuse for both PBS and CBS News. He has appeared on national TV hundreds of times. Warner books published his autobiography "Dead on Delivery" which was a best seller and made into a TV movie. His extensive speaking tours have brought him before hundreds of audiences in 70 countries and earned him numerous awards as a presenter.

Presentation Titles and Description


Substance Abuse In The Workplace -- Russian Roulette at Work

By the time most companies think about substance abuse in the workplace they've been blindsided by a lawsuit or lost thousands of dollars due to absenteeism, accidents, workers comp claims, turnover, etc. Most companies think they know how to handle the issue but they waste their money on "pre-employment drug testing," a better IQ then drug test and testing the wrong people most of the time. Bob Stutman shows companies how to build a security alliance in dealing with this issue without making the most common mistakes and building a secure work place.


Media Bytes Or Testimonials

"Your grasp of the material and ability to weave your perspective from not only your law enforcement experience, but from the perspective of workers compensation and the relationship of substance abuse from a bottom line perspective are without parallel"
- Illinois Self Insurers Association

"Your talk was the most articulate presentation of the U. S. drug issue that I have ever heard"
- Grant Horne
Pacific Gas and Electric

"Informative, thought-provoking and pertinent. I've been spreading the gospel according to Stutman"
- Margot Hayward, President
Westconn Intl.


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

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Client pays for coach airfare and Marriott equivalent hotel.

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Dollar losses come from the direct effects of substance abuse; more absenteeism, accidents, workers comp claims, turnover,etc. The individual days lost and the many small accidents add up in a relatively predictable way, but employer costs may be catastrophic after a dramatic single event, such as an employee leaving a company Christmas party and causing an accident resulting in serious injury. These types of accidents of result in punitive damage claims that companies are not insured for. Bob will map strategies to prevent these losses and make for a much more secure workplace.

Bob Stutman

Favorite Quote

"One out of six U. S. Employees has a substance abuse problem -- isn't it amazing none of them works for you!"

-- Robert Stutman