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Robert Pino

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Life Alchemist(tm)


As a strategy consultant, executive coach, counselor, and author Robert Pino plays the essential role as a Life AlchemistTM.

In medieval times an alchemist was someone surrounded by mysticism who possess the elixir of life and the ability to transform matter into Gold. In much the same way, Robert Pino possesses an incredible perceptiveness and a practical approach to guide people and organizations to their core through transformations that incite balance, energy and sustainable positive growth. He facilitates them to 'melt down the lead and reveal their Gold': Life AlchemyTM.

Robert Pino combines over 20 years of international business and consulting experience honed at organizations like Sara Lee, AT Kearney Inc. and his own firm- with Universal Wisdom, strategy, and life. In 1991, he founded his own strategy consulting firm, serving a number of the world's multinationals and Fortune 500 companies as well as mid sized niche players from offices in Rotterdam, Chicago, and Hong Kong. Guided by a deep spiritual enlightenment, he then established the Robert Pino Center For Growth in 1998 as a center for business and life strategies.

He holds offices in Chicago and Rotterdam, where his principles and proven methods have transformed clients bringing them to their own center for growth.

Pino is the author of Corporate Aikido (McGraw Hill), Absolute Victory (Core Publications, Inc.), and the to be published Life Alchemy. He is the founder and Grand Master of Ch Y Do a new energy-inducing wellness program. He holds an MBA from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Robert has appeared on several television talk shows (CNN, NBC, ABC, Wisdom Channel, and European stations.) He is a regular guest on the syndicated Power Talk Radio. His coaching programs have been featured in Chicago Tribune, LA Daily News, New York Observer, etc.

Presentation Titles and Description


Corporate Aikido: Unleash the potential within your company to neutralize competition and to seize growth This presentation focuses on business leadership by applying Far Eastern philosophies to modern business management. It goes beyond traditional competitive strategies and introduces a new strategy concept: neutralize your competitor's strength instead of attacking your opponent on its weaknesses.

Absolute Victory: How to understand and create the life you want. This presentation focuses on personal leadership by dealing with spiritual insights and life questions we have all grappled with. A combination of business strategy and the importance of human capital.

Life Alchemy: Melting down the lead and revealing the gold- Strategies for Self Realization This presentation provides insights into how to demolish the obstacles in your life and how to unleash your inner strength. Principles, tools, and methods that can be applied to both business and private life.

Mastering Your Destiny, creating your life from the inside out.. This presentation reveal the four leading energies that create your destiny. An impressive presentation how we can function optimally if we tap into our authentic self.

Mastering your Future, how to mobilize your company's strength for sustainable profitable growth.




Media Bytes Or Testimonials

"Robert's ability to apply his significant gifts into cohesive and practical business influenced structures provides an enlightened pathway for accelerated personal growth.

When one captures the mission and purpose in life through an awareness of their core competencies, it generates a wholeness and fulfillment of life's possibilities. He facilitated and inspired me to release decades of misdirected energy and become more engaged in the joy of life."
- Kerry B. Wolfe
Wolfe, Wolfe & Ryd Attorneys at Law

"Robert Pino has a clear vision about life. He knows how to bring the best out of senior executives, by aligning the body, spirit and mind. His books are an inspiring read for every manager."
- Cees Van der Graaf, President
ICFG Unilever Bestfoods

When I see Robert in action as coach, the words of Gandhi spring to mind: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever"
- Marianne Cool,
Business Group Communication Manager

"Robert Pino has been working with us already for some seven years. Robert is the ideal sparring partner, helping to clear up my mind. Robert taught us to evade confrontations with competitors or clients and seek other more fruitful ways to deal with developments. And it works!
- John Kuiper,
Deutsche Post

"The value of his philosophy is that it shakes you up, so you let go of old paradigms. You learn to look through a new sheet of glasses. He helped us to find new, practical ways to reach the customer. We already worked together already 5 years ago. He then identified 8 areas to improve and he presented detailed action plans. In the 4 years that followed, our business grew 375% and Robert Pino laid the groundwork that enabled that growth."
- Mike Thibideau, General Manager
Webasto Sunroofs, Inc. Michigan

"One of the many things I learned from Robert Pino is that there are no coincidences. Our seemingly twist of fate meeting has literally changed my life! Through Robert's training and personal coaching, I have been empowered to discover hidden potential and talents. His spiritual insights helped to inspire me to create the life I dreamed about."
- Lencola Sullivan
Speaker, Trainer, Consultant Miss Arkansas 1980 & Runner-up Miss America

"Dressed in black, his powerful appearance almost touches you from a distance. He's straight forward and speaks from a grounded position, but also he is able to create an atmosphere of comfort or even serenity. He is a visionary, connected to the other side. Robert Pino gave me a new fresh look at myself that I could not have seen without him. It brought me into a new phase of inner development in my personal life and career."
- Roel P. Verseveldt,
Director of SECAD BV
Company for Security
The Hague - The Netherlands


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels From And Travel Requirements

Travels from Chicago. Travel requirements: business class

Who Should Hire Robert And Why

Everbody and every organization who/that is at the edge of a transformation to sustainable positive growth. Who/that needs practical tools and proven methodologies to make a next step in their development.

Who would like to unleash their inner strength and that of their people.

Who would like to 'melt down the lead' (get rid of blockages, things that hamper progress) and reveal their gold (inner strength, authentic self, core).

Robert Pino

Favorite Quote

"Melting down your lead and revealing your Gold!"

- Robert Pino