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Robert Jeffers

Speaker? Yes. Consultant? Yes. Trainer? Yes. Entertainer? No.
Corporate Alliance? No. Security Alliance? No.


Ad hoc faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Business/Executive Education.


Bringing actual global experience to the platform, Robert Jeffers has lived and traveled in 48 countries. He mastered leadership on the job with Pacific Crest Outward Bound School, learned financial reality as a budget analyst for the Alaska State Legislature and practiced calm in the midst of chaos while dodging tear gas in Algeria.

His programs, facilitation and coaching are packed full of practical advice, group interaction and fun. Participants often remark that their time with him is valuable because he teaches them something real about people that can be put into practice immediately.

In 1994 Robert formed Lindsey & Jeffers of Iola, Wisconsin, a business revitalizing company helping people and organizations identify where they are, where they want to go, what's in their way and how to turn roadblocks into advantages.

Presentation Titles And Descriptions


Motivating Ultimate Performance

If we are to stay ahead of the competition in the current climate the goal is simple: get things done better, faster and cheaper. Our long-term survival depends on this and our ability to motivate ourselves and those around us is the key to its success. Participants will learn the five essential truths leaders must pay attention to in motivating others and they will discover simple steps to increase the positive energy, while decreasing the negative energy in the people on their teams.

Bridging Communication Gaps

In relationship to others we are often left with confusion and frustration over how people could think in certain ways, take actions that seem to lack sense, or not be aware of how their personality traits can feel to the people around them. What we miss is that we too have our peculiarities and that others can feel the same frustrations with us. This program teaches participants the value and the price of our innate behavioral styles and it outlines ten best communication practices which will build rapport, convey messages with clarity and candor, and increase connection every time.

Helping People Manage Change

No skill is more important in the organization than having the capacity to change. Those that manage change effectively regularly look at where their organization is headed, how they are doing business and how and why they might do it differently. Maintaining morale during times of change requires that we become sensitive to resistance, both where it comes from and what to do about it. Participants will learn the characteristics of how people respond to change and why, three vital steps necessary to help people through change and how to increase their ability to cope with times of stress, uncertainty and transition.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Studies show emotional intelligence to be the #1 indicator of success in life, greater than technical competence or the ability to communicate with others. This program helps participants unleash hidden abilities to act in ways that best serve them and their organizations. It explains why we sometimes work very hard to insure things will go well but still fall short, how to respond to the faulty actions of those around us, and what to do about behaviors we see in ourselves and others that shoot progress in the foot.

Reality Is One of the Leading Causes of Stress!

Do you ever find your gut saying 'no way,' but your mouth saying 'no problem?' Could you laugh more if your worried less? Could you get control of your life if you just didn't feel so out of control? If you answered yes to any of these, learning to handle stress might be just what the doctor ordered. This program teaches participants to recognize how their stress raises anxiety levels and in turn lowers productivity, energy, self-esteem, and the ability to take action and solve problems. Participants will have fun, learn practical strategies, and will leave with less stress than when they came.


Facing Conflict Head-on!

When managed productively conflict serves as an important catalyst for initiating change. It charges people up, helps us gain new ways of looking at old problems, clarifies our relationships, heightens creativity and keeps organizations from becoming too static. That's the good news! But too often, our impasses leave us feeling hurt, misunderstood, confused, frustrated, and wanting to walk away. This program teaches people how to face their conflicts head-on by examining the roles that different work styles, communication patterns, expectations, perceptions, feelings and behaviors have in our interactions. Participants will create a template for how to face a dreaded conversation that will leave both sides feeling like winners.

Leading and Coaching With Soul

Let's face it, the ability for people to coach others is essential for any organization's success, but it is not a skill which is innate for many of us. Still we must learn it, because the best leaders are those who have the ability to see what is needed and the talent and passion to teach people how to do it. Participants will learn the vital two steps in creating balanced assessments, that trust is not a foundation, but a structure that must be built every day, and they will write, practice delivering, and will receive feedback on an actual coaching plan for someone they would like to see improve.

Helping People Manage Change

What limits peoples' willingness to buy into change is simple: they don't see what's in it for them. While it is primarily the responsibility of managers and leaders to show the benefits of making changes, it is a duty many of us didn't know was necessary, don't know how to carry out or don't take the time to plan for. Participants in this seminar will do some of the planning for change that is often lost during a busy work life. They will be shown how to apply four simple strategies for initiating change to their specific situations and will come away with a template for how to convey the vision and clarify the steps people must take for changes to work and for others to want to get on board.

Facilitating Solutions

For organizations to remain viable they must become expert at determining which systems and practices help to advance their objectives and which ones need retooling. This task often falls on the shoulders of a few people at the top, but the benefits of getting everyone to be more creative is enormous. Participants will discover the value of teaching people to look critically at the systems, structures, attitudes and behaviors that currently make up their organization, department or work team. They will practice the art of facilitating groups in making connections between symptoms of problems and root causes, and they will learn a foolproof strategy for how to reopen the conversation with others when they return to work.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Fast becoming one of Robert's most requested, this program takes people into a deeper understanding of themselves in a non-threatening, yet eye-opening way. People are compelled to look inward in order to determine the actions they take that leave opportunity on the table. Through guided conversations and individual action planning, participants will be given a welcomed reality check, first for how their "triggers" limit themselves and others, but also of their own power in taking steps to implement desired change.

Media Bytes Or Testimonials

"As a manager and CEO in health care for over twenty years, I have been exposed to many speakers and consultants. I can honestly say Robert Jeffers is among the best I have experienced."
- Greg Loeser, Executive Board
Wellspring Care Consortium

"Robert quickly found our pain--consistent sales performance. He got the diagnosis right and now, we make sure that our sales professionals know what to do, how to do it and why. We're seeing results!"
- Matthew Loch, Vice President/ Sales
TDS Metrocom

"Wow, I expected you to be just another rah, rah, rah cheerleader, or blah, blah, blah talking head, but today I got something incredibly useful. Thank you!"
- Participant,
Motivating Ultimate Performance


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels From And Travel Requirements

Iola, Wisconsin. Within 4 hours -- by car @ $.35/mile. Business class hotel and reasonable meal expenses additional.

Beyond 4 hours -- from Appleton, Wisconsin (Airport code: ATW). Coach class, rental car, parking, business class hotel and reasonable meal expenses additional.

Who Should Hire Robert And Why

People want to succeed. Most people try hard to succeed. But things get in the way. Outmoded systems get in the way, naysayers get in the way. Sometimes we get in our own way. Robert Jeffers helps people unravel the sometimes complicated, often simple barriers that drain people of energy and focus.

He connects with people at all levels through stories, interaction and fun. Most people know in their hearts and minds that there are better ways and Robert inspires them to see and implement a manageable plan to get there -- for themselves and for their organizations. His teaching, coaching and facilitation take people from the heart of their troubles to the brink of their success. Results are guaranteed.

Robert Jeffers

Favorite Quote

"Faced with the choice between changing one's mind and proving there is no need to do so, almost everyone gets busy with the proof."

-- John Kenneth Galbraith