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Michael Hick

Speaker? Yes. Consultant? Yes. Trainer? Yes. Entertainer? No.
Corporate Alliance? Yes. Security Alliance? Yes.


British born and educated global business expert. Author of 3 books and over 500 articles published worldwide. Director/CEO of over 100 international corporations. Consultant, speaker and trainer to Fortune 1000 companies on international expansion, management and development. Entrepreneur, traveler, adventurer.


Michael Hick's experience comes from a lifetime of overseas travel and "in-the-trenches" global business activity. Forty years in the corporate world of international insurance, 26 of them with Lloyd's of London, he formed and ran 125 successful companies and their associated operations on 3 continents. He has done hands-on day-to-day business in 31 countries, developing new business, creating alliances, buying and operating overseas subsidiaries and managing multi-cultural teams across the globe.

He has conducted over 2,000 seminars and presentations to corporations, trade associations, executive groups and international societies throughout the world.

President of a major chapter of The National Speakers Association, he has won some of the most prestigious awards in the speaking industry.

Presentation Titles and Description


"If you want to live in the Future - buy a World Map!"

This content-rich, mind-altering keynote with a British accent changes the way we see our world. It gives global perspective and brings an immediate international dynamic to any meeting.

The center of action is no longer in our own country - it's overseas. Recognition that everything in our lives, the products we use, our economy, our livelihood, our security, indeed our health depends on issues and events abroad. Understanding the world around us and how it impacts us, is vital if we are to work, live and raise our children in this new world order.

This popular keynote will motivate and inspire the audience to be 'world savvy' global thinkers in their business and personal lives - and prepare them for life in the future!

"Global Deals -- Winning Hearts and Minds Across Cultural Frontiers"

This is, perhaps the most important issue facing us this century. World peace, the economy and our children's future depend on it. This action packed, fascinating, fun-filled keynote is for anybody doing overseas business, engaged in overseas activity or just wanting to understand the world we live in a little better.

Learn some of the vital keys to successful international communication and understanding. An extraordinary straightforward and fascinating explanation of why different world cultures think and act the way they do. Understand the three main culture groups and how they perceive and react to each other, why the American culture thinks and acts the way it does and how the rest of the world sees it.


Understanding the opportunities of Globalization - How to make sense and create success in the biggest change dynamic of our times.

Is your organization about to go international? Do you need to revamp the overseas emphasis of your business, or do you just need to get folks back into a global mindset? This energetic, motivational keynote will help your organization to think with the big picture and see their work and contribution in global terms.

It explains why Globalization is the biggest sea change of our times, outlines the good, the bad and the ugly about global business. How Globalization has changed the way the world works and the impact of Globalization on your business and the economy. Ways to build profitable business and capture cherished market share in developing markets. The presentation explains the backbone of the Global superstructure, the role of the IMF, The World Bank and the WTO and how to bring in overseas governments as helpful partners.


How to Think and Act as a Whole-World Manager.

Marketing and Managing Across Cultural Frontiers

As globalization accelerates business gallops across political and cultural frontiers. This action packed seminar is crucial for any business involved in international trade or any organization planning for global reach.

Why different cultures think and act the way they do. The principals of culture development, geopolitics and social interaction. Understanding the three main world culture groups. How to manage international cross culture teams. Understanding 'expectation' and the 'time' dimension between the various culture groups. The keys to successful Management across Political and Cultural frontiers. Developing super-creativity through skillful management of Cultural diversity. How to negotiate successfully with anyone in any part of the world. The keys of global marketing strategy. Building long lasting international alliances. How to handle bribery, corruption and travel safely in dangerous places. Moving family overseas and assimilation into diverse cultures.

How To Think And Act As A Whole-World Customer Service Provider.

How To Construct And Manage High-Result Partnerships Across The World

The global economy is moving at high speed over political and cultural frontiers. Opportunity is everywhere but risk is abundant. Creating alliances and joint ventures is a frequent answer to new market entry and existing market growth.

Learn how to structure the best international alliances, how to organize and manage them. Discover the secrets of balance and participation with cross-culture partnerships and how to overcome distrust, stereotyping and misunderstanding.

Understand the key aspects of international communication skills and the principals of cross-culture negotiation. Learn the crucial leadership and motivation methods of the principal culture groups and how expectations of outcome vary between them.

Doing global business and staying alive, safe and out of jail.

Unless you know what you are doing the world can be a dangerous place. The scope and location of global business means that the serious international manager may sooner or later be confronted with some of the worst aspects of overseas travel. At best it may be bribery, corruption or extortion, at worst it could be hijack, kidnap or terrorism. Michael Hick has been offered bribes, mordida and baksheesh; he has been hijacked, bombed and shot at. Tom Hargrove was kidnapped, tortured and ransomed while working in South America. Both are still here to tell the tale. In the company of a 'security expert' together they provide an entertaining yet serious seminar/ workshop on staying out of trouble when doing global business.

Learn how to be 'trouble savvy' and how to tell if there's a problem coming up. Understand what to do if you are offered a bribe and find yourself working with corrupt officials. Learn which countries and situations provide the greatest risk, how to research your destinations and plan your business trip to stay safe. What to do if you are kidnapped, how to survive and negotiate with bad guys and what to do about ransom demands. How to prepare for the worst, brief your support group in advance and understand how these nasty people think and act. How to work and stay out of harms way in anti-American situations. Understand the basics of world terrorism, where it is most active and how to research it.


BOX BUSTING CREATIVITY - Develop Creative Ideas to Enhance Your Life and Career

Media Bytes Or Testimonials

"You were by far the best presenter we have had at our Annual Convention for many years. You gave us food for thought and ideas we can use."
- Jim Maher, Executive Director, American Land Title Association

"Your information is invaluable. Our managers are better equipped and more capable as a result of your seminars. Their overseas work will demonstrate it."
- Richard Evans, Barclays Bank, PLC

"You gave us insights and perspectives we could never achieve on our own and showed us that we are now truly a global business."
- Fred Kerr, AXA Courtage, Paris


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels From And Travel Requirements

Travels from Houston, TX. No special requirements or needs. Long overseas travel arrangements by negotiation.

Who Should Hire Michael And Why

Michael captivates audience members. It's not just the rolling cadences of his British accent and his use of the language projected with outstanding oratorical flair, it is the way he picks them up and transports them into brilliant new dimensions. Using compelling stories and his own deep personal experiences he gives them global sized perspectives and changes the way they see the world. They leave the meeting with a global mindset, or at least with a new understanding of the world around them.

Yes, Michael Hick is a "content-rich" speaker with a wealth of knowledge coming from a lifetime of overseas experience as a writer, author, business builder and hands-on manager, but audiences relate to him because he knows their problems, issues and concerns in their everyday business day when dealing with international action. Then they love him because he has a fun way of explaining it with his whimsical, side-aching British humor and audience contact speaking style.

Easy to work with, Michael has organized meetings all over the world so he knows what's involved to deliver a successful meeting with 100% reliable and professional presenters. Offering his extensive contacts and international knowledge he will help plan your program if you wish.

If you want to prepare your people for the future and give them the tools to work and live in a whole new world then you need to hire Michael as opening keynote, international theme presenter and/or educational seminar leader. He is also an outstanding facilitator for management retreats and caucus' where creative ideas and concepts are vital to your progress.

Once you hire Michael Hick you'll want him on your team and have him back time, and time and time again.

Michael Hick

Favorite Quote

"Understanding the Global Economy is Everybody's Business"

- General Electric Advertisement