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John Di Frances, PMC

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1973 Honors graduate from the University of Wisconsin--degree in Business and Economics; Faculty member of the National Contract Management Association; Certified Premier Expert by Prosavy; PMC recipient; Expert Witness; Member of the following: American Bar Association, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Turnaround Management Association, The Corporate Alliance, United States Naval Institute, National Defense Industrial Association, and the Association of the United States Army.


John Di Frances' professional career spans thirty years of global corporate, nonprofit, academic, and government agency experience in senior executive and industry leadership positions. John has worked with organizations ranging from aerospace and defense to technology, pharmaceutical, general manufacturing, engineering/construction, service, and consumer products. As a professional speaker, this diverse background provides a vast wealth of information and resources as well as an integrated perspective from an expert who truly understands today's corporate environment.

John is the founder and Managing Partner of DI FRANCES & ASSOCIATES, LLC, an executive advisory firm assisting organizations internationally. The firm's clients have included the U.S. Government, major U.S. Corporations such as United Defense, Merck and Medco Pharmaceutical, United Technologies, and Textron Corporation as well as numerous offshore corporations, trusts and foundations in Europe and Asia.

Although his roles as professional speaker and executive advisor leave him little time, John still continues to maintain active interests in several businesses, including a gourmet foods company, a publishing house, commercial real estate, and an internet gift company.

John and his wife Sally live at their home, Blackberry Hill, located just outside the Milwaukee metro area. He is the father of five, four daughters and one son. In his pastime, John enjoys nautical adventures on the Great Lakes with his boat, and visiting the race track, where he alternates between an avid spectator and a highly competitive driver. John is a Corporate Alliance member.

Presentation Titles and Description


Creating Effective Leadership - Are you effectively developing the leadership potential within your organization? John Di Frances is an expert on the subject of organizational leadership. He has studied and worked with government officials, high-ranking military officers and staff of several nations, CEOs of global corporations, and international non-profit and foundation leaders. He is also the author of Radical Leadership, his next book, scheduled for release in 2003. In this insightful and entertaining presentation, John offers examples of outstanding leaders and shares the qualities that make leaders effective. Using these principles as a foundation for this keynote, John then outlines the process of putting these principles to work, demonstrating how to create a leadership environment that will allow your organization to develop its leaders from within the organization and discover their true value.

Building a Legacy Organization - Profits are important, but are they everything? If you want your efforts to have significance beyond merely dollar signs, John Di Frances can show you how to create a legacy. John has experienced firsthand, in numerous organizations, the difference between temporary success and lasting significance. He has also authored Jackbilt A Company: Of Happy Successful People, an allegorical book on organizational values. John understands that while success is essential to survival, significance is infinitely more powerful and enduring. He shows how a commitment to establishing a legacy of significance, combined with an effective means of doing so, can empower and motivate employees as well as create value for the organization. Drawing from real life experiences, John will use this keynote presentation to illustrate the importance of creating significance, while providing the design and outlining the essential actions to build a legacy organization.

Creating your Organization's Future - How does an organization create its future? Is the future merely fate or is it something more? The future is created through capitalizing on strategic opportunities-no exceptions. If we fail to plan how we will accomplish this, then we plan to fail. Without a plan, we become victims of our circumstances, whether those circumstances be lack of resources or market downturns and recession. However, most organizations' strategic planning efforts result in little more than glorified operating budgets. There is simply nothing strategic about them. John Di Frances understands the necessity of strategically planning to create the future. He knows that strategic planning is the only way to overcome the "circumstances" that will arise to block the way. With thirty years of international corporate, governmental and non-profit experience, John is acutely conscious of the process involved in creating long-term success. In this unique and insightful keynote presentation, he examines the purpose of futuristic strategic planning, explores the processes involved in such planning and outlines the actions essential to creating long-term organizational success.

Ethics-Developing Organizations of Character - What happened to the ethical business leaders of the past? Today we stand at the brink of a full-scale corporate leadership credibility crisis, seemingly unable to regain stability or the public's confidence. Scandal after scandal has dealt corporate America a devastating blow. The question at hand is, "How to recover this lost confidence and rebuild stability?" John Di Frances is well-known for his expertise on the subject of corporate ethics. He has lectured and written extensively on this topic, and recently released Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground: Developing Organizations of Character, a book on business ethics. John understands that legislation alone will not solve the ethics deficit. In this keynote presentation, John gives leaders the information they need to make the difference in their organizations. He demonstrates the importance of a top-down commitment to excellent ethical character. Using three important keys, John outlines how companies can successfully adopt and support effective ethics, thus developing an organization of character.

Shockingly Excellent Customer Service - When is the last time you were actually been shocked by customer service? Think about it-it happens all the time. Unfortunately, being shocked by customer service isn't usually a pleasant experience. However, being shocked by excellent customer service, typically creates a long-lasting impression and strong consumer loyalty. Then why is excellent customer service the exception and not the norm? And why do organizations continue to invest heavily in customer service training, without experiencing significant service improvement? John Di Frances is an authority on organizational strategy and has authored Jackbilt A Company: Of Happy, Successful People, an allegorical book addressing people-centered organizational values. John has the background and experience to improve your customer service programs, taking them beyond average to shockingly excellent. This keynote presentation is designed to give you a deeper insight into what customer service really encompasses, providing your organization with the foundation and framework necessary to transform your customer service into a shockingly excellent experience every time.


Developing a Coaching/Mentoring Philosophy - Wondering how to take your leadership/mentoring program to the next level? John Di Frances can help you turn your program into an encompassing organizational philosophy. John is a veteran in the area of leadership development and has aided the coaching, mentoring, and leadership programs of various international organizations. He understands the pitfalls that can easily hinder even the best programs and shows how to navigate around them. With this presentation, John explains the process of effective coaching/mentoring development and provides a detailed plan that will enable your organization to go beyond the initial program to create an organizational philosophy and passion for mentoring.

Instilling Teamwork In a Global Environment - What are the critical aspects that make the difference between teams succeeding and failing? Is teamwork really a matter of training or leadership values? How can a diverse group of people, especially those within organizations operating in multiple countries and cultures, develop the cohesiveness needed to work together as effective teams? Having worked with corporate, government and non-profit organizations internationally for the past thirty years, John Di Frances has the experience and understanding to bridge the ethnic, cultural and religious chasms that separate workgroups, both locally and in global operations. He understands that teamwork is more than a training issue. It is a strategic leadership issue. In this presentation, John will share the experiences and insights he has gained while working with senior executive and management teams in the global workplace and demonstrate how to build organizations where teamwork flourishes and cross-cultural differences, rather than posing barriers, actually enhance the project outcomes.

Generating Focused Creativity - When your two year-old creates his masterpiece on the newly painted wall, it may be creative, but it is hardly productive. Often in the corporate world, the distinction between creativity and productive creativity is not made. Focused creativity is extremely valuable, producing effective solutions, innovative results and new opportunities. However, unfocused creativity is not only unproductive, it can become a harmful distraction, wasting precious resources. John Di Frances is an expert on organizational innovation. As a veteran of thirty years in the international corporate arena as well as numerous cutting edge military programs, John has the knowledge to help your organization channel creativity productively. In this insightful presentation, he will demonstrate how to develop an environment that fosters creativity, while providing a framework for channeling creative efforts into useful outcomes.

Empowerment that Produces Breakthroughs - No one expects a plumber to fix a sink without tools or a climber to scale a mountain without gear. To require employees to innovate or produce breakthroughs without empowerment is just as absurd. Empowerment is an essential ingredient for innovation. It is imperative if employees are to be creative, successful and fulfilled. As a recognized authority on organizational innovation, John Di Frances knows what it takes to create an innovative corporate environment that will produce effective breakthroughs. He understands the necessity of empowerment as well as how to develop and foster productive empowerment within a team environment. In this presentation, he will lead your organization through the actions needed to create a successful empowerment strategy, demonstrating how to turn this strategy into genuinely innovative breakthroughs.

Strategies for "Must Win" Negotiation - Strategy-the critical element that can make or break your negotiation. What tactics will you use, and how will you execute your plan? In critical negotiations there are no prizes for second place. Every detail of your strategy must be carefully prepared and precisely carried out. There is no room for error. To put it simply, a successful outcome requires a successful strategy. If you want to improve and develop your negotiation strategies, learn from an experienced negotiator. John Di Frances is a recognized authority on the topic of negotiation, and his articles on strategic negotiation have been widely published. Moreover, he has first-hand experience in personally negotiating large defense contracts and civil claims as well as commercial construction and union contracts. In this presentation, John shares proven negotiation strategies, and outlines how to structure and implement your negotiation strategy for the optimal win-win outcome. In addition, John will demonstrate a simple and entertaining way to remember what you have learned so that you will always have a first-place finish.


John has been published in over a hundred publications, including: The Chicago Tribune, The Financial Times (London, U.K.), Fortune Small Business Magazine, The Boston Herald, The Times Online, Meeting Planners International, ALA News International, Midwest Meetings, and The Wall Street Journal Online. He has also authored two books, Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground and JACKBILT A COMPANY. His third book, Radical Leadership, is due for release in fall of 2003.


Media Bytes Or Testimonials

"From the very beginning, it was clear you did your homework…. I was very impressed that you would come early and 'secret shop' our bank to find out first hand about our customer service attitude. You researched us, as well as our parent, and incorporated what you learned into a very timely observation of where today's economy's headed…. You understood why we are different from other banks, and how important our fraternal roots are to our commitment to customers and community…. The comments I heard afterward proved that you were the perfect person to have at our reception. Thank you again for being the highlight of our event."
- Richard R. Jodarski, President and Chief Executive Officer
Thrivent Financial (formerly AAL Bank and Trust, FSB)

"Power packed with information and insight! Articulate and extremely polished."
- Gloria Nelson,
Meeting Planner, RSVP Events


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels From And Travel Requirements

Travels from Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A. Travel expenses not included in fee. Midwest Airlines preferred for domestic travel. Will travel Business, First Class, or Concorde based on scheduling. Full Service Hotel w/Desk & Computer Connection.

Who Should Hire John And Why

Today, more than ever before, corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and associations are facing immense obstacles. That's why so many organizations are turning to real content speakers-subject experts who can equip their clients and enable them to overcome the daily challenges they face. John Di Frances is such a professional. As an international business expert with more than thirty years of experience, John addresses the very heart of the complex issues currently facing the corporate world. He not only delivers motivating and dynamic presentations, he offers solid values and innovative solutions for long-lasting results.

Through carefully developed and targeted keynotes, seminars, conferences, and executive retreats, John empowers his audiences. His highly personable style touches both the mind and the heart. With thought-provoking insights, vivid stories, and a frequent dose of humor, he reaches his audiences in a way they do not forget. In this manner, he provides not only instruction and motivation, but also the vision and resources needed to take the organization to the next level. Laying a principle-based foundation, John leads organizations beyond focusing solely upon current profitability, to creating their future.

*John's primary clients are corporate, government agencies, associations, and large nonprofits/foundations.

John DiFrances

Favorite Quote

"Every day you impact others by word, deed, and attitudes. Consider each day the legacy you wish to leave."

-- John Di Frances