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Jeffrey B. McMullen, CSP

Speaker? Yes. Consultant? No. Trainer? Yes. Entertainer? Yes.
Corporate Alliance? No. Security Alliance? No.



As an author and veteran speaker, trainer, seminar leader and entertainer, Jeffrey's dynamic style and unusually strong impact reach audiences ranging from top corporate executives to homemakers... health care professionals to ego-driven sales representatives... supervisors to line employees. For more than 15 years, he's brought his wealth of business, teaching and entertainment experience to audiences from all walks of life.

Jeffrey B. McMullen is a leading speaker, with extensive experience in motivating people to tap the creativity and potential within them. From boardroom to podium, classroom to stage, his talent, professionalism and outstanding delivery have put him in demand for widely diverse events and business programming.

His work ranges from traditional speaking programs to highly focused training events. He has a rich background in working with business on specialty programs such as product introductions or high-visibility sales initiatives.

Jeffrey is the author of Just In Time... Just Isn't Enough! His work also has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work.

Presentation Titles and Description

Living Life at the Pinnacle Proactivity is productivity An inspiring, entertaining and energizing 60-minute keynote or half/full day motivational program involving much audience participation! This presentation covers proactive traits such as positive attitude, enthusiasm, success, the power of believing, thinking big and risk-taking.

Center Ring Excellence The three-ring circus as a leadership lab This surprising, fast-paced multimedia presentation is available in a 60-minute keynote or half/full day motivational program. The audience is part of the show as "achieving personal and professional excellence" is discussed in terms such as leadership, teamwork, results and performance.

Whose Life are You Leading, Anyway? Humor, creativity and your work life This creative and energizing 60-minute keynote or half/full day motivational program focuses on the very real and practical benefits of humor in life! Participants will learn to identify and overcome some common barriers to creativity, unleashing the positive power of humor in their lives.

Connecting Potentials (Seminar complement) Bringing diverse personality types together for shared success By identifying different learning and communication styles and implementing personal strategies to increase effective communication, this 45-90 minute seminar helps participants understand healthy ways of communicating with diverse personality types in their professional and personal lives!

Changing Your Perspective (Seminar complement) How to survive and thrive in a change environment This 45-90 minute seminar helps the audience understand the natural difficulty and resistance that often comes with change. Participants will identify four critical "internal powers" they can control and implement to overcome personal and professional resistance to change.

Stop Hearing, Start Listening (Seminar complement) Taking in information productively Learn the difference between just merely hearing and true, attentive listening! In this 45-90 minute seminar, participants will identify four critical listening tools and implement strategies to overcome barriers to effective communication.


"Mental Gas... High Octane Thoughts for Positive Production!"
(Available in E-Book format only)
Published 2002

"Business FUN-damentals" (A Business Learning system for entertainers)
Published: 1999
MG Publishing

"Just in Time...Just Isn't Enough"
Published 1996
MG Publishing

Published Film

A hospital orientation video designed to orient children anticipating their first hospital stay.
Palmer Video Productions

Media Bytes Or Testimonials

"Jeffrey B. McMullen is a rare combination of outstanding, entertaining presenter and effective, impactful seminar leader. He's able to inspire people at all levels, and lead them to better productivity as well. His keynotes are thoughtful, enlightening and fun; his seminars are engaging, practical and meaningful for executives and workers at the counters. He helps people make a difference"
- President and CEO
Community First Credit Union

"Jeffrey does not stand behind a podium and offer memorized verbiage - he pours himself into the presentation with body language and voice intonations that don't allow an audience to 'wander' even for a moment. Jeffrey commands the attention of his audience like no other speaker I've seen or hired."
- Vice President, Communications & Facilities Management
AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans), Wisconsin

"Thank you for your help in making our program a success. We appreciate the way you juggled your time to make yourself available to us on short notice and within our schedules. The extra polish and confidence you gave our presenters showed -- and was noticed by our customers as well! We look forward to working with you again in the near future."
- Senior Vice President, Stock Preparation
Voith Sulzer Paper Technologies
North American Operations

"... I believe Jeffrey's greatest ability is to create and deliver a message of self-belief that transcends age, race, gender and personal differences. I highly recommend Jeffrey to you as a speaker par excellence!"
- Corporate Communications
Arizona Public Service


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels from and travel requirements

Roundtrip ground and airfare, reasonable meals and hotel accommodations if needed.

Who Should Hire Jeffrey And Why

Anyone who desire to be a little bit better today than they were yesterday. Jeffrey not only states observations of life... but shares tangle, no-cost solutions to increase life balance. Jeffrey rarely states a solution which you need budget approval for... but rather shares tools and solutions which demands personal approval and commitment to excellence which leads to living a regret-free lifestyle.

Jeffrey McMullen

Favorite Quote

"The right decision and the easy decision are rarely the same"

- Jeffrey B. McMullen