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Jeff Blackman, J.D., CSP

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To win BIG, call Jeff Blackman. Jeff maximizes your performance, productivity and profitability. His customized programs on sales/marketing, negotiations, service, inspiration, leadership and change-help you outdistance competition and reach new levels of unprecedented success!

Jeff's clients call him a "business-growth specialist." For example, his customized "Referrals: Your Road to Results" learning-system, helped one client generate in 23 months, new business directly attributable to referrals, of $230 million!

Whether working with you once, or once-a-month in an on-going learning-system, Jeff delivers results!

He has shared his positive and profit-producing messages with numerous; Fortune 500 companies, closely-held businesses, entrepreneurial driven organizations and association audiences throughout the world.

Unique, humorous and creative, Jeff's high-content messages help you generate results and create profits through people!® (Ask about Jeff's incredible no-risk assurance.)

Presentation Titles and Description


Here's a brief sampling of some of the results topics offered by Jeff. Each program or learning system can also include customized learning materials, audio and video tapes, books, train-the-trainer manuals, etc. Also, a topic should never be considered as an "entity" all unto itself. Many are combined with others to create a total body of knowledge or learning system for a two or three day event or a learning system over an extended period of time.

Opportunity $elling®/Your Path to Profit®

Nothing happens 'til somebody sells something. This "how-to" program helps sales professionals realize everything they touch... can turn to sold!

The Customer Commitment

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. They pay your salary! You'll learn how to maximize every customer contact to promote loyalty and profitability.

Referrals: Your Road to Results!

Referrals are an untapped market. Without them, you're innocently bypassing millions of dollars in potential business. They are leads with virtually no acquisition cost. And all you have to do, is ask!

Negotiating Know How -- The Power of "Yes"

As a lawyer and businessperson, Jeff approaches this crucial business skill from both a legal and practical perspective. Your ability to get a "yes" (professionally and personally) will influence the course of your life.

Change: Capsize or Capitalize

The "old way" may not be the "only way"... since it may blind you to new ideas, solutions and opportunities. Knowing how to handle change can open your floodgates to new levels of prosperity and achievement.

Marketing Magic

Marketing is an essential and powerful business tool. Individuals and companies that know how to optimize its usage will thrive. Jeff removes the myths and helps you master the magic!

Manage, Move & Motivate

Winning managers or leaders-know that to boost quality, productivity and performance...leadership is a verb, not a noun!

Creating your own 'TV' Telecast

Jeff combines his background as an international speaker, lawyer, author and broadcast personality to turn the "typical" panel discussion, symposium or moderated program into a lively, fast-paced information exchange.

Personal Success Coaching

Great achievers share something in common and that's a coach or a mentor. Even basketball superstar Michael Jordan, had coach Phil Jackson! Together, they won six NBA championships. Now, you too, can take your business and life -- to new championship levels -- with Jeff as your personal success coach.




For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627

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Chicago: O'Hare Airport
Travel and related expenses are paid by the client

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Favorite Quote

"Winners turn fantasy into fact and dreams into reality!"

- Jeff Blackman