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Ed Rigsbee, CSP

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Ed Rigsbee, CSP, is the author of three business relationship books: PartnerShift-How to Profit from the Partnering Trend, Developing Strategic Alliances and The Art of Partnering. With more than 1,000 published articles to his credit, Rigsbee is a regular contributor to business, trade and professional publications throughout North America. Through his writing, he regularly shares cutting-edge information in a no-nonsense format with thousands monthly. Ed is the founder and president of Rigsbee Enterprises, Inc., founded in 1981 and located in Thousand Oaks, CA. He has been an adjunct professor for both the Universities of California at Santa Barbara and California Lutheran University. Further, he has served as a D&B Foundation trainer delivering full-day sales, customer service, and management seminars across the USA.

From the business perspective, Ed brings extensive strategic management, marketing, and sales expertise to the platform. He has real-world experience to share. His work experience ranges from retail and sales management positions in his twenties, as president and owner of a manufacturer representative firm in his thirties. Today, Rigsbee is a best-selling author and nationally recognized professional speaker. Throughout his career partnering has been his standard method of operation.

His presentations, based on his mutually beneficial partnering philosophy have evolved through years of research and teaching management, marketing, and selling skills. Ed's work has earned him favor with corporations and national associations throughout North America.

Ed has been an active member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) since 1988 and holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, one that less than 10% of the association membership holds. In 1999, he founded an annual fund raising party at NSA's annual convention that has, to date, given over $40,000 to the NSA Foundation's Professional Speakers Benefit Fund and over $20,000 to the Hereditary Disease Foundation. Besides his speaking, writing and consulting activities, Ed and his wife Regina have two sons, Ryan and Jonathan. They have been married and resided in Thousand Oaks, CA since 1974. Ed (infrequently) enjoys snow skiing and scuba diving. He is also a certified United States Soccer Federation Referee.

Presentation Titles and Description


PartnerShift to Outrageously Successful Relationships

To every successful person, relationships are important! If you are in business, business relationships must be important to you too! Learn how to double the strength of your organization or your personal network by PartnerShifting to outrageously successful business relationships. Learn how to develop alliances that provide high-value for all involved. This keynote/general session presentation serves an eclectic audience, something in it for everybody. All the attendees at your meeting will receive value from this session. Through the alliance and business relationship window, Rigsbee shares the four keys to successful internal and external business (and personal) relationships.
1. Focus on getting things done.
2. Make Relationship Bank deposits.
3. Do Relationship Value Updates regularly.
4. Keep your word in times of conflict.

Through humor and personal stories, Rigsbee will connect with your meeting attendees, helping them to understand the Relationship Value Equation. This program delivers double value for your meeting attendees: business and personal relationship improvement. Outrageously Successful Relationships is an outstanding program for business alliance partners to attend together. Be your meeting corporate or association, this is a dynamite program, as every person in attendance receives value, spouses included.

Developing Strategic Alliances

Adapted from the book, Developing Strategic Alliances, learn the steps necessary for developing your successful alliances.
1. Identify the value you want from an alliance.
2. Determine the value you have to offer a potential alliance partner.
3. Find & select the right alliance partners.
4. Determine the alliance type & structure.
5. Organize and develop an alliance agreement.
6. Understanding alliance roadblocks.
7. Dealing with alliance conflict.
8. Keeping your alliance alive and healthy.

PartnerShift -- Double Your Strength Overnight with TOPS

Double your strength overnight by shifting to cooperation and collaboration for success and profits. Learn how to adopt The Total Organizational Partnering System into your organization's culture. Through Rigsbee's Pentad Model (five key areas), discover mutually beneficial Partnering alliances possibilities throughout your business. External alliances become successful only when supported by the foundation of internal alliances. Understand interdepartmental Partnering, a crucial element, for strategic alliance success. Understand the potential Partnering Pitfalls and how to avoid them. Experience the value of Relationship Bank Deposits. Learn how to truly profit from today's Partnering trend.

Partnering Pentad:
1. External Strategic Alliances
2. Supplier Alliances
3. Customer Alliances
4. Employee Alliances
5. Owners & Executives as Optimal Partners

The New Era of Manufacturer & Distributor/Dealer Cooperation

Learn what your competitors are learning, how to give and/or ask for the best Total Value Package available. Manufacturers and distributors and/or dealers learn how to turn around their sell/buy paradigm through understanding the needs of their distribution partner. Through intelligent sales offerings and purchasing practices, resources can be redirected to create more usable value for the supply chain. Learn the ABCs (adversarial, barometric & complementary) of manufacturer-distributor relationships. It all comes down to the Fuji Factor. *This program is also adapted to contractor/supplier cooperative relationships.

Program Research:

Program Results:


Select The Total Organizational Partnering System & Save

This is a series of six connected presentations, offering attendees both partnering strategy and tactics. The series is delivered over multiple-days at your professional or trade association meeting for a single fee.

Deliver all the value and more from Rigsbee's three books at your next meeting. Select the The Total Organizational Partnering System. Win big and save big while learning how to double your strength overnight in all the important areas of your business. Rigsbee's fabulous Meeting Cost Buster package gives you, for a single price, all (or part) of the below listed programs at your meeting over two or three days. Each program is approximately 60 to 120 minutes in length.

The Total Organizational Partnering System will help your organization to double its strength overnight. For association meetings, your members can select all the sessions or attend just the sessions in which they have the greatest interest. Either way, you get a lot for your investment.

Rock-Solid Relationships for Turbulent Times

When troubles arise, the quality of the relationships (business and personal) you have built become apparent. While, uncontrollable factors (global unrest, stock market, e-commerce, etc.) will in part determine your success, if you have rock-solid relationships in place, those relationships will help carry you through difficult times. The quality of your relationships (external and internal) will influence some of the crucial success elements for your business. Ask yourself:

In Bed with the Enemy--Partnering with Your Competition

Cooperating with your competition can be more profitable than you have ever imagined. Rigsbee will shatter your paradigm and teach you how to make a traditionally adversary relationship work profitably. Explore a number of core areas in which successful businesses develop partnering alliances. Learn the ten critical qualities in selecting alliance partners-a necessary element in building long-term cooperative relationships. In today's era of e-commerce and consolidations, entire industries are finding that industry-wide and mastermind alliances are necessary to compete. You will walk away with the tools for developing your successful strategic alliances. Elements include:

The Indelible Mark-Branding for Today & Tomorrow

Business owners and marketers alike frequently ask, "Why are some dates, events or situations indelibly branded on one's memory while others are not?"

Like indelible ink, an Indelible Brand is imperishable. It cannot be blotted out, washed out, or obliterated. It is permanent.

Branding is the process of burning or impressing a mark upon an object or entity for the purpose of identification. What you want for your business, large or small, is an Indelible Brand-to burn your image, offering and position into the minds of your customers-to impress indelibly onto their memory.

Build your Mark of Distinction. Making one's mark means to achieve success or fame. Too often, one misses the mark, failing to achieve one's aim and becoming unsuccessful in their attempt. Hitting the mark is what you want for your organization's branding position. That is, to indelibly burn into the minds of your customers like a white-hot branding iron pressing and burning into the flesh-there on the marketplace brain for evermore.

Share the Work, Share the Wealth -- Win Big with Cross-Promotions

The well kept success secret for small business success is effective cross-promotion. Cross-promotion is how specialty, independent and small chain retailers, dealers and food services compete with the big boxes and national chains. Building alliance marketing relationships gives small business more exposure for less dollars and is the answer to a shoestring marketing budget.

Get more bang for your marketing buck by also working with others in the areas of positioning, advertising and purchasing. Learn how various organizations and industries collaborate for mutually synergistic value. Discover the successful alliance and promotion strategies of others. Be prepared to accelerate your customer awareness, acceptance and market position.

How to Compete When You Can't Compete on Price

"Why in the world would I want to buy my ______ (you fill in the blank) from you?" If you can't answer this question in your sleep, this seminar is for you. Your customers have more product and location choices than ever before. Learn how your store can be their store. This presentation is popular with independent and specialty retail organizations. Receive the tools that help you to successfully compete against the "big box" retailers. Leverage your unique selling proposition through alliance relationships. Develop the synergies necessary to thrive in the big box shadows. Discover ideas to become the merchant of choice in your community. Also included:

Helping Your Employees to have Emotional Ownership

Do you want your employees to have an emotional ownership in the success of your business, even though they are not an owner? Do you want them to take risks and make intelligent decisions in your absence? Learn how to develop a powerful team dedicated to moving your business forward. Develop relationships at work, that work!

The PARTNER Model is the answer. Discover the magic in permission cards. Explore low cost employee recognitions and how to use Rigsbee's successful employee recognition certificate system. Learn which recognitions have legs (long-term value) and which are a flash in the pan (little value). Your employees will be as excited about your business as are you. And, if you're not excited, you will be.

The PARTNER Model:



Media Bytes Or Testimonials

"You were highly energetic, entertaining and informative...Everyone walked away from the meeting with information they could implement immediately...I highly recommend your presentation to other associations."
- Edward Korczak, CAE, Executive Director
National Wood Flooring Association

"We have been having manufacturer retreats for six years here in Hawaii...Your presentation on Partnering was by far the most well received and effective of all speakers we have had in the past. You made our retreat a smashing success!"
- Greg Gomes, President
WEBCO Hawaii, Inc.

"On behalf of NSSEA and all of the 83rd Annual Fall Trade Show & Education Conference attendees, thank you for another job well done! If my records are correct, this was the 4th NSSEA show you have presented at and the responses keep getting better & better!"
- Shari Levine, Education & Events Manager
National School Supply & Equipment Association

"Everyone was very pleased at how well you presented your information and with so much vigor. Your presentation, The Art of Partnering, was outstanding!"
- Charles Hendrix, Assistant Manager, Supplier Diversity
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, North America

"I just returned from Lockheed Martin's Astronautics Supplier Conference where I had the pleasure of accepting their Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award. I'm writing to congratulate you and say that you also share in the award. The ideas from your book, The Art of Partnering, and the knowledge you shared with Rifocs at our dealer conference aided in building this powerful relationship with Lockheed Martin."
- Robert Rickenbach, President
Rifocs Corporation

"You gave them information to take back to their offices to put into everyday practice...Our members remember effective presentations like yours and this is important to a meeting planner...You even got us 'racing' to the microphone to share our opinions...Customizing your workshop to help us generate ideas for WSA's future awareness efforts was brilliant."
- Jerry Righthouse, Executive Vice President
World Sign Associates

"You managed to provide a good deal of useful information in your sessions, and presented in a lively and very upbeat manner. Your energy is amazing!"
- Barbara Martin, Executive Director, Building Systems Councils
National Association of Home Builders

"The following are some of the great comments from our attendees: 'Steps are immediately applicable, everything was great!' 'Rekindled alliance thinking, great job!' 'I now understand the benefit of a good relationship over the long haul.' Thank you again for all your hard work."
- Rebecca Scruggs
Timberline Software Corporation


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels From And Travel Requirements

Travels from Los Angeles; flat-rate travel fee: $950-North America, $350-CA, AZ, NV & OR, No charge in Southern California

Who Should Hire Ed And Why

Ed Rigsbee, Certified Speaking Professional, is North America's celebrated speaker on business relationship solutions, specializing in his Total Organizational Partnering System (strategy & tactics), Strategic Alliances and the Supply Chain improvement. Ed excels as a strategic advisor and business speaker on how electronic commerce is changing the business environment through distribution channels and high performance service management. He offers real-world bridge building solutions. When you need a dynamic, entertaining and high-content speaker to kick off your meeting, it's time to select Ed Rigsbee.

What else do you get when you select Ed Rigsbee? His style is content driven, playful and entertaining. This assures an audience-speaker connection, a crucial element in a successful keynote presentation or seminar. You get a speaker who excels at synthesizing information to deliver a customized and industry-specific presentation. With your help, he will interview members of your organization and/or industry and study your publications.

Ed Rigsbee

Favorite Quote

"It's more important to get things done than to focus on being right."

- Ed Rigsbee