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Christine McMahon

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Who's Who among management executives


As a speaker, trainer, personal coach and columnist, Christine McMahon draws from an extensive business background working for Fortune 100 companies to enlighten and inspire audiences. Whether discussing negotiating tactics, sales strategies, making connections through networking or delivering persuasive presentations, Christine takes participants beyond what to do and provides them with the real-world know-how so they are self-sufficient in managing their performance and productivity.

Presentation Titles and Description


Please see workshops below.

Crafting Your Personal Vision Statement: A personal vision statement reflects your truest values and deepest expression of the outcomes you want to achieve. It is a compelling statement that ignites enthusiasm and inspires you to achieve your goals. As a building block, it fuels your commitment and helps you to maintain focus and clarity about what's most important to you. In this keynote session, Christine McMahon will guide participants through a process that helps them to craft their own personal vision statement.


Secrets of Successful Negotiating -- teaches cutting edge strategies for mastering even the toughest negotiating situations. Participants gain confidence by learning how to prepare for a negotiation, create strategic advantage, give and get concessions, manage resistance and things they should never do in a negotiation.

Reconnaissance Selling . . . in a fiercely competitive market -- accelerates the sales process, shortens the sales cycle, and generates higher profit margins. From making the initial call to strategizing the presentation, participants learn effective strategies and scripts for creating value and influencing the buying process.

Delivering Persuasive Presentations are critical for business professionals today. Every communication is a presentation. Knowing what to say and how to say it are essential skills if you want to grow your business or advance your career. Participants gain expertise by learning how-to prepare for, design and deliver persuasive presentations with confidence.

Making Connections (Networking) is a practical hands-on workshop designed to take even the most experienced networker to the next level by understanding how to work a room, maximizing referral sources, identifying key relationships and leveraging their impact, and how to ask for referrals.

Media Bytes Or Testimonials

Your presentation "Secrets of Successful Negotiating" was outstanding. People are still talking about how much they learned from you! Please contact me any time you should ever need a recommendation as a speaker. I am always happy to tell others how much you have helped our business.
- Carol Schneider, CEO
SEEK, Inc.

You hit our issues right on. Great job in preparing "Delivering Persuasive Presentations" for our team. You were incredibly engaging. I could see our people "getting it" right before my eyes. I have received rave reviews from ALL of our attendees. Keep the fire burning.
- Kevin O'Toole, Partner
Hunzinger Construction Company

Comments from our workshop participants were outstanding! Their evaluation forms rated your presentation's content and delivery as the BEST of the entire conference. This is high praise indeed, considering that the four-day conference included more than 60 sessions and workshops.
- Ellen Gerl, Executive Director, NIA


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

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Travels from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Who Should Hire Christine And Why

WHO: Executive leaders, Sales Managers, Meeting Planner

WHY: 1) We have a proven track record for helping our customers fill their pipeline.
2) Our script writing expertise is second to none. We increase cold call results by as much as 80 %. So for example, if your sales team is getting 1 appointment in 10 calls, our proven process will increase their success to 8 in 10.
3) We shorten our customers' sales cycle and dramatically increase their profitability.

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"Our life is what our thoughts make of it."

- Marcus Aurelius