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Christine K. Clifford, CSP

Speaker? Yes. Consultant? Yes. Trainer? No. Entertainer? No.
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Certified Speaking Professional, Author, CEO/President of Christine Clifford Enterprises and The Cancer Club


Her experience taught her how to market and sell products, services and herself. Now, Christine Clifford,CSP share that message with others. At the age of 40, she was Senior Executive VP for SPAR Marketing Services, an international merchandising and information services firm. As the top salesperson in the billion dollar service industry for over eight years, Christine was responsible for accounts with Kmart, Toys 'R Us, Walmart, Target, AT&T, and Revlon, to name a few. Taking her company from a million dollar loss to over $54 million in sales, Christine signed the largest contract in the history of her industry with Procter & Gamble, $34 million, doubling the size of her company overnight.

Diagnosed with breast cancer that same year, Christine went on to write four award-winning books about her experiences in her books entitled Not Now...I'm Having a No Hair Day!, Cancer Has Its Privileges: Stories of Hope & Laughter, and Inspiring Breakthrough Secrets to Live Your Dreams. She started The Cancer Club, which is now the world's largest producer of humorous and helpful products for people with cancer. Christine's philosophies and strategies for becoming your industry's leader are proven theories that have propelled her and the companies she's worked with to the top of their fields. Ideas, action, results...

Christine has made over 1,000 media appearances, including CNN Live where she was described as "one of the world's leading authorities on the use of therapeutic humor". She has raised over $1,000,000 for research through The Christine Clifford Celebrity Golf Invitational. She lives with her husband of 28 years, their two sons and her dog Sneakers in Edina, MN. Don't forget to laugh!TM

Presentation Titles and Description


Perfect the Art of Professional Persuasion: Close Every Sale for Yourself, Your Company or Your Cause

Hear the Top Ten Secrets of successful selling from a top sales producer. Learn to position yourself for acceptance and results. Discover ways to get past "no". Professional persuasion is an art, and Christine is a master. Don't forget to ask! (TM)

Become Your Industry Leader: The True Positioning of the Totem Pole

Ever heard the expression "he started at the bottom of the totem pole"? According to Indian legend, the character at the bottom represents the strength and leadership of the pole. Christine believes you can rise to the top of your industry in two years or less following her ten steps to success. Whether you are in management, sales, marketing or self-employed, Christine's secrets will inspire and motivate you to get going today!

Networking in a Nutshell: Creat Connections That Can Drive Your Business

Get squared away on the professional connections that can propel your business toward guaranteed success. Christine believes in creating "customers for life". Whether from the bottom up, or the top down, Christine's methods of getting to the decision makers will leave your audience buzzing with excitement and waiting to get back into action. You never know who you might meet.

The Blessings of Misfortune: Learn to Spin Straw Into Gold

Has your company lost an important client? Been downsized? Been touched by chronic illness? Learn the keys to overcoming adversity and turning misfortune into fortune.

Laughter: Prescription for a Cure!

If you are looking for a presentation that will teach your audience a new way to look at adversity, this is it! In her immediate family, Christine has dealt with heart disease, diabetes, dialysis and kidney transplant, hepatitis, chronic depression and drug abuse. Then she got cancer! Christine will customize her presentation for your group's area of focus. Her success stories are powerful examples of survival in the face of adversity. Don't forget to laugh! (TM)


Marketing With a Message: Market Yourself Like Crazy

How do you market yourself or your great ideas? How do you get "them" to notice you? Only you can create awareness of yourself and your service with clever marketing materials, unique ways to distribute them, and techniques to open doors to customers that will have them saying, "we just have to have him/her!" Define & penetrate your market, establish credibility, overcome fears & anxieties about your business. Learn to market yourself like crazy.

Together Everyone Achieve More (T.E.A.M.)

Christine believes it is the efforts of her co-workers and customers that help her achieve her successes. One hour to half-day programs on team building exercises that will leave your audience energized and going back to work with their TEAM.

Use the Media to Gain Notoriety and Grow Your Business Only the media has the ability to make you a star overnight. With over 1,000 media appearances to her credit, Christine can help your organization learn how to create a need for media consideration, grab the media's attention, learn where to start, what to do once you get it, keep the momentum going. Catch the media frenzy!

Niche in a Nutshell: Create a Market Only You Can Fill

Create a uniqueness to your business that will give you a competitive edge. Learn how to create and find your niche, establish credibility in your niche, generate awareness of your niche and get the business, as well as the pratfalls and dilemmas of having a specialized area of expertise.

Am I Out of Sick Days Yet?

Illness, especially chronic disease, wrecks havoc on employers and the people left back in the office trying to "fill in the gaps". Christine helps corporations and their employees learn to deal with changes in the office, ways to offer support, and methods to deal with the challenges that occur when a valued employee becomes ill. No down time here!



Media Bytes Or Testimonials

"Christine Clifford swooped in like a Texas tornado and turned my business upside down! She was just the motivation I needed to help me make changes, implement them and see them through to fruition. I cannot say enough about how she has affected my life. She will do the same thing for your company."
- Larry Gatlin
Grammy-Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, Businessman

"Allow me to introduce you to a remarkable woman whose sense of humor became her best weapon against an often dehumanizing disease."
- Arnold Palmer


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

Travels From And Travel Requirements

Travels from Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport. Coach travel acceptable.

Who Should Hire Christine And Why

Let's face it: we've all heard "I could have thought of that" speakers. Christine Clifford, CSP will leave your audience shaking their heads in amazement: "I never would have thought of that" ideas. Christine Clifford is an international leader in idea generation that will challenge you to think, move you to action, give you the necessary motivation to compete.

Her ideas are easy to implement, cost-effective and unique. Time and time again, Christine has positioned herself as the "Top Salesperson, Marketer, Motivator" in her industry.

"Christine's ability to look at a product or service, within any industry, and find a better way to sell or market that product is extraordinary. I recommend that every corporation or association spend an hour or two, minimum, with Christine."
- Chuck Smith
President, Chuck Smith & Associates; retired Senior Merchandise Manager, Kmart Corporation

Christine is available for keynotes, seminars and workshops. Choose from lectures on sales, marketing, change, leadership, teamwork, media, networking, motivation, healthcare, inspiration and volunteerism. Christine addresses conventions, associations, women's events/expos, healthcare focused events, the corporate arena and all public and private sector organizations. She will happily provide interviews by phone or in person in conjunction with your event. If you believe in yourself, your product, your service or your cause, anything is possible.

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Don't forget to laugh! (TM)