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Blaise Winter

Speaker? Yes. Consultant? No. Trainer? Yes. Entertainer? No.
Corporate Alliance? No. Security Alliance? No.


11 Year National Football League Veteran, Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers. Super Bowl Champion, 1984 MVP Rookie of the Year.


Blaise Winter has successfully overcome the many obstacles he has faced in his lifetime. Born with a cleft lip and palate, Blaise was required to endure many surgeries and a rigorous speech therapy schedule as a young boy. In addition to the difficulties he was facing with his speech, Blaise became deaf in one ear as a result of having tumors removed. Due to his speech and hearing problems, Blaise was mistakenly placed in classes for mentally retarded children.

Although many would have given up and accepted the label of mentally challenged, Blaise became actively involved in sports where he found a new level of acceptance and self-esteem. He developed a habit of positive self talk that he still uses today as a tool for personal encouragement. Many experts claimed he had no physical talent, but Blaise was determined to be an athlete and found inspiration in his own will to succeed.

In 1983, Blaise proved the experts wrong by becoming the MVP at Syracuse University. He was drafted into the NFL where he played 11 years of professional football. During his career in the NFL, Blaise played for the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers and the San Diego Chargers. Blaise finished his football career the year he received the coveted Superbowl ring.

Since leaving the game of football, Blaise has inspired thousands of people with his personal story of triumph over diversity. He travels thoughout the country speaking to groups and sharing the secret to his success. He received the 1998 Communication Award given by the National Council on Communicative Disorders for his work in this field.

Blaise's story is one of hope and encouragement that will motivate us to accept the notion that limitations don't exist.

Presentation Titles and Description


Topics that are personalized by Blaise and presented include:

The Players Performance Program

These programs take your audience on the field. Feel the action and get your audience ready to take on the issues at hand. Sure to impact performance and improve the mission of your company and event. Empowering your players and unifying your team

The Coaches Performance Program

These programs take you from the meeting room to the locker room to the sidelines. They are game plans created and implemented to help develop your personnel to take on the issues at hand. Be it ways to create and maintain leadership, handle constant change, and/or address performance building principals these programs are heavy on content.


A Reason To Believe


Blaise, you truly are a winner and I look forward to your participation at our next event in September! Thank you for a memorable conclusion to Mercury's Leadership workshop.
- Mercury Marine

The best words I can find to describe Blaise's presentation is WOW, awesome, inspiring, thought provoking and gut wrenching… he is a winner.
- North Dakota Telephone Association


For fee information, please contact (262) 853-4627.

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Travels from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Who Should Hire Blaise And Why

Whether you need a powerful keynote opening or closing speaker, or on-going team building and creative ways to improve productivity Blaise puts 110% of everything he is to help your people. All programs are customized to fulfill your needs. A win win for your organization.

Blaise Winter

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