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Why Not Use Internal Speakers?

Recent statistics gathered by Harvard, Wharton, Cambridge and Stanford tabulated that businesses who bring in credible, qualified outside speakers, trainers and consultants verses, in-house: average 137% more successful.

One third of the gross national product goes to cleaning up problems, damages and the fact that companies either are doing nothing or the wrong things.

In-house speakers are too close to their companies situations. They often lack the big picture understanding and knowledge of how to tackle challenges. True, organizations may feel they are saving dollars by utilizing their inside people. The job of a Four Seasons Speakers professional is not their time spent speaking but the daily research and knowledge they have acquired and continue to acquire to truly be the experts they are. You receive a broader, dispassionate perspective from a professional. Their time up front to assess your needs and the follow up provided, assure that you are really moving ahead.

Our professionals work with companies in your industry and those that would impact your industry every day, thus understanding the strategy and big picture of business. Their job is to make a difference in your productivity, growth and bottom line.

A professional may cost money up front but will unequivocally save you thousands of dollars by not wasting your valuable time in un-productive meetings. They will also provide one on one service and cutting edge knowledge focusing on your desired goals.

The statistics were taken from “The High Cost of Doing Nothing” by Hank Moore, Professional Speaker, Business Consultant, Think Tank Advisor to the last 5 Presidential White Houses.

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What Can A Speakers Bureau Do For You? Why Not Just Use Employees As Speakers?