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What Speakers Bureaus Do For You

The value of speakers bureau services is their knowledge of speakers in the industry. Many bureaus have a listing of thousands of speakers. How can an agent intimately know the qualifications and performance ability of thousands of people? The answer is... They can't and they don't. Typically a client will receive 5,10 or more suggestions for their single event. Usually the client finds all this information confusing and requires many hours sorting through material and videos. Many times the bureau is the only one to communicate with the speaker until the date of the event. Easy access to the internet, the clients needing more content driven programs, the need for more qualified experts and less time available to find the best speaker for the event ... the factors demand a speakers service more focused on your needs.

Welcome to "Four Seasons Speakers"

Four Seasons Speakers Believes that a speaker's service should have high standards and strict guidelines in which speakers are selected for representation. We list only the most qualified professionals in their field and topic. We guarantee our speakers!

Four Seasons Speakers Believes a speaker's service must have a philosophy of quality not quantity. It is the job of the service to not just make money but build relationships for a long term. That is why Four Seasons Speakers does not represent thousands of speakers and why we spend a lot of time interviewing clients about the needs and purpose of their programs.

Four Seasons Speakers Believes a speaker's service functions from the understanding that time is valuable. Our clients know our special services and attention to detail save them time.

Four Seasons Speakers Believes ROI is more then a buzz word. Before during and after a client's engagement our clients know they have received a "Return on Their Investment."

"I am please to call Four Seasons Speakers the exclusive speaker' service for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Over the years we have sought the expertise and hired many speakers from Torre. Every single one of them has been outstanding in their presentation and wonderful to work with."

-- Anthony Smith, Executive Director of Special Events,
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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What Can A Speakers Bureau Do For You? Why Not Just Use Employees As Speakers?