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About Four Seasons Speakers

Torre Lee, Founder & President

Drawing on 30 years of experience in the entertainment and speaking industry, Torre started Four Seasons Speakers after she started to rethink what a speakers service should provide for clients and speakers. She set out to challenge the paradigm underlying existing speaker's services.

And that was the genesis of Four Seasons Speakers!

At Four Seasons Speakers, we believe:

Below are two examples of how Torre's service has reflected these beliefs.

"I am pleased to say that Four Seasons Speakers is the exclusive speaker's service for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Over the years we have hired many speakers from Torre and every single one of them has been outstanding in their presentation and wonderful to work with."
- Anthony Smith,
Executive Director of Events,
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"Our Association for the first time in our nearly One Hundred year history, through quirky circumstances had some challenges in our ability to secure speakers for our big annual conference. We had worked with Torre for many years up to that point. Torre always said she cared about the success of our association and she proved it last year in a significant way. Torre's great relationship with her speakers and her genuine caring, sponsored two of the main keynote speakers for us, which was a huge help. The speakers were wonderful, the conference was a huge success and this act helped us to move in a positive direction and get back on track allowing our members to breath easier for our next year and focus on the future."
- John Exner,

Finally, since no man is an island...
Meet our extraordinary BOARD MEMBERS!

Our Board:

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